Nutty Online Dating and Butter Yellow Pudding Cupcakes

Can I just say that I have some of the best friends EVER?!  I was sitting at work today worrying because I didn’t have any material for this damn post.  I tried to write it two nights ago because I always seem to write better right before I head off to bed, but it just … Continue reading

Obama saved the cold as balls Rose Parade Decorating night

Roscoe's Obama Special = 3 wings + waffle

I’m sitting in the dark in my sexy PJs (read:  Batman pants and a VERY flattering long sleeved plaid shirt – oh yes) trying to come up with an amazing title for this post or even an amazing opening…I got nothing.  What does this post contain you may ask?  –> Rose Parade Floats, inside pictures … Continue reading

It’s a Breast-Grabbing-Kinda Thanksgiving + Batman Wreath :)

Batman Wreath

Last night, I had the pleasure of hearing my aunt yell “Grab the breasts, grab the breasts!!” to a guy my age who was standing next to me.  Needless to say, I was scared that she meant my supple pair.  Luckily, she was talking about turkey breasts. My mom, aunt, and I volunteered last night … Continue reading

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