Kylie Jenner ain’t got nothing on DEEZ Vyvacious lips!!!

Everyone lately has been talkin’ ’bout dem Kylie Jenner lips.  Lots of tweens, teens, and even some famous folk are hankerin’ to mimic her full, plump pout.  But as a friend of mine said,

“Kylie Jenner ain’t got nothing on you!!”

It’s true.  It’s really, really true ;)

I look at all these sad, sad Instagram-filtered photos floating through teh interwebz with #KylieJennerLipsChallenge (WARNING:  Graphic images…) and I think to myself,

“Oh honey, no way you can beat MY lips.”

Seriously though, I guarantee you, I have the 100% natural, filter-free lips that would make Kylie Jenner run for the hills.

So while everyone else is cramming their lips into shotglasses and sucking the air out of ‘em to plump those kissers right up, I don’t have to do a damn thing :D

My secret?

Waaaaaaaait for it…

Insane Allergic Reaction


In the form of cat/dog dander/hair, dust, pollen, nuts, you name it, I’m allergic to it!

I don’t need no stinking thousand-dollar put-me-under-the-knife procedure!  No way, no how!  Especially when I got deez babies going for me.

Partially Swollen Lip


How you like dem (slightly misfigured) apples?

Because really, it’s about the au naturel nowadays right…?  None of this, lemme stick my duck lips into a glass cup and suck to my heart’s content until my lips bruise the hell up…  NOPE.  These babies just come and go as they please, bringing that extra POP! into my life juuuuust when I need it most ;P

And the best part of all, it’s FREE!!  The only thing I need to do is worry about my throat closing up or whatever.  But I mean, that’s like the least of my worries when my lips looks THIS GOOD, right?!?

Back me up, people!! ;D

Now please, share some of your sexy lip/potential health-destroying allergy stories with me so I don’t feel so alone in this world… :)

Until next time y’all!! :P

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15 Responses to “Kylie Jenner ain’t got nothing on DEEZ Vyvacious lips!!!”
  1. Allergies SUCK. I am allergic to benzoyl perooxide, and that made being an acne-laden teenager super fun. Tons of acne, and a swollen face.

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    • vyvacious says:

      Totally agree!

      Oh boy….. That super sucks. I know the feeling unfortunately. Have you a found a more homeopathic remedy for acne or did you just wait for the hormonal teenage years to pass? ;)


  2. Julio says:

    I used to be really allergic to grass, pollen, and dust. But as i older they have kinda disappeared, it suck having allergies.

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    • vyvacious says:

      Ooooh, all the common but super irritating ones!! Yes, mine started doing that too, especially with the help of allergy shots, which I had to get after randomly becoming allergic to everything about 5 years ago. But then post-accident, my body decided that it didn’t like those shots anymore and I have to use other more natural ways to help but at least that seems to be working now, albeit slowly…


  3. Jo says:

    OMG! You had me laughing out loud. I can relate. I got temporary luscious lips from a good old smack with an airbag, and on another occasion an allergic reaction to stucco. Except that time my whole face and eyes swelled up and I looked like Mike Tyson after a fight.

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    • vyvacious says:

      Yay!!! That’s what I love to hear, Jo :)

      Oooh, sexy… ;) Goodness gracious! I can understand the impact of the airbag (which totally sucks by the way and I hope you’re okay after your car accident) but stucco is a new one! Is it just when it’s being set or being around any stucco in general will send you over the edge? Wow. That’s terrible!!


  4. maedez says:

    I’m lucky to have naturally full lips, so I guess that part of my anatomy is currently in style. Yay, I guess. Allergies suck, though. I am only allergic to nasty things like chemicals, including perfume. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been at work (I work one day a week at an art gallery, otherwise I am at home freelancing in a scent-free zone) and have had to run to the back in order to catch a full breath so my throat doesn’t close up. I’m so happy to not be allergic to natural things, too. That would suck.

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    • vyvacious says:

      Haha, yes, CURRENTLY in style :P Hey, full lips are always a good thing in my book!

      Oh goodness, me too!!!! I can’t do perfumes or even the fake scents in like hair gels/sprays or soaps/candles.

      Oh man, you and me both on that throat closing up dealio. Plus, my sinuses start getting inflamed and then my entire face hurts :/

      Yeah the natural things is a new-ish one for me (past 5 years) and I’m slowly adjusting :)


  5. Jhonni says:

    Sorry hun, I’m #teamkylie
    That girl has an incredible makeup artist. Her plump factor is so symetrical. I’ve always been a fan of her and loved how she backs her dad through his transition.

    I’m not allergic to anything, but a trip to the dentist for a deep cleaning makes them feel like they are pleasantly full.

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    • vyvacious says:

      Haha well I’m glad you’re #teamkylie! Maybe I need to go re-evaluate her “plump factor” because to be honest, I’m not sure I see enough of her to have noticed how symmetrical it is but now I’m curious… Though I think everyone’s plump factor could be greatly heightened with a good makeup artist. I wonder if makeup artists come over at the end of the night to wipe all the makeup off, because that’s the part I hate the most :P

      I don’t think I follow any of the Kardashian/Jenner family close enough to comment more than what I read about the #KylieJennerLipsChallenge but I did hear about Bruce Jenner’s interview. I’m so glad that he’s opening up about his life and transition because I think it’s such a beautiful thing. I really hope that society will start really opening up their hearts and eyes as more and more people speak up about their transitions among other things. I’m really glad you pointed out to me that Kylie backs her dad throughout his transition because that love and support is so important in a person’s life during such a transition. I believe that the other family members are also supporting him, right? Which is so, so great. I love to see love!! :D

      I just went to the dentist on Monday!! I will definitely have to make a mental note for next time I go to see if I notice my lips feeling any fuller or not… So glad you don’t have allergies though because they suck!!


  6. TJLubrano says:

    Oh mi gosh. You are BACK! (Maybe you’ve posted another one before this, but I’m typing this before I checked, so ehm…yeah). YOU’RE BACK *hugssss* <3

    Allergies are the worst! I'm also allergic to dust, dog hair etc., but I think it was worse when I was younger. I could develop a pollen allergies, but so far so good. Although I can recall a few times where I was cleaning and my eyes 'disappeared' and my throat itched like crazy. I just blamed my crazy cleaning and not the allergies…hehe.

    Ahh those Kylie lips! I don't get the hype. They are so full because she injected stuff into them. She had way different lips before that. I don't mind cosmetic surgery, but people need to stay realistic when they see her. And that trend with those lip sucker thingies? That makes the whole Kylie trend even worse, because there are girls out there with damaged lips now.

    Oh. Just noticed you posted this April 27th…hahaha! I'm SO slow!! Gosh!

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    • vyvacious says:

      Hahahaha you’re so silly, I LOVE IT!! :D

      I ammmmmmm, I ammmmmm :) Heehee no worries! :P *many, many hugs* <3 <3

      Allergies are TERRIBLE. Ugh, we share similar allergies :/ Yes I got much better as I grew older but that dang accident set me back some but starting to feel better once again *crosses fingers* :)

      Haha oh goodness! The crazy cleaning creates insane dust!! I know from experience :P Oh boy, yeah I've started to have to take medication BEFORE I start cleaning because where I live now is so dusty for some reason.

      Haha to be honest, I don't follow her enough to know what she looked like before. But I did get drawn into her whole lip challenge thing which left me baffled and honestly, feeling sorry for some of our current society. Yeah I saw some of the pictures of the girls with cut up lips, I mean totally sliced up… I was so sickened and also felt really sad.

      Wouldn't it be wonderful if some of our more prominent social figures used hashtags for good instead of evil…? :)

      Heehee, nooooo worries!! It took me a while to get back to commenting on people's blogs like yours! <3 I wanted to comment all the time when I saw your Facebook posts but I wanted to be sure to comment on your actual website too :)


  7. Girl, my lips are au naturale, but you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve been asked if they’ve been “plumped.” Ugh! Since my lips are naturally on fleek, I count on my allergies to maintain my red, itchy eyes ’cause nothing screams “sexy” like I-might-have-pink-eye peepers. Plus, if I wasn’t rubbing my eyes three hours a day, how would I smear my mascara around my eyes to achieve that Walk of Shame, smoky look? And don’t even get me started on my dead attractive phleghmy cough; it’s my trademark and don’t think about emulating it. It’s a copyrighted mating call that sounds remarkably like I’m crying, “Claritin-D.”

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    • vyvacious says:

      Oh, it’s definitely sexy. Trust me, I know…

      That is my one issue with wearing mascara!! I don’t even wear it anymore and when I do, I smear it all around my face and all you hear is “dammit!!” every two seconds as I try to rub the distributed makeup off!

      Oh, yes… I wouldn’t dream of trying to copy you ;)

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  8. Kareen says:

    LOL!! Hawt!! I’ve got allergies to cats, dogs, dust mite, cockroaches and other stufff. So I’ve been getting allergy shots in the past ten months. They’ve really been helping! But I don’t think you should get them because then you’d lose the vadab00m lips!


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