Vyvy Bowling

It’s the latest craze in town.  The kids can’t stop talking about it.  It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s heavily addicting…


Vyvy Bowling

Sounds made up?  I, along with several good college friends of mine, can assure you that this is completely 100% true.

The funny thing is that I had already written a rough draft of this post and then BAM!!!, I get invited to a birthday bash that my friend is throwing for his wife and sister.  So now, it really seems like the PERFECT time to bring a little Vyvy Bowling back into our lives so that I can introduce it into yours :)

First, you take a Vyvy.  Any crazy, wacky, awesome Vyvy will do but we are an rare breed so when you find one, shout, “VYVY BOWLING!!!” and commence IMMEDIATELY so that no time is wasted :P

Which brings me to my second point, you need a rolling chair.  Not just any rolling chair, but the finest rolling chair in all the land…  Basically one that rolls smoothly and is extra cushion-y for that Vyvy booty to rest upon.  Or just be an ass (see what I did there? ;P) and grab any old rickety, rolling thing but I assure you that your score won’t be as good.

And the final thing, you’ll need a great group of friends willing to have some fun.  Oh, and of course, a very long hallway for which to partake in Vyvy Bowling.

Now you can plan it all out, even have team shirts made and everything, but really, that’s not the way to do it.  The best way is to randomly be walking around campus with little to no desire left to study, turn to each other, and yell “VYVY BOWLING?!?!!” with a resounding “YESSS!!!” immediately following and high-fives all around :P

During a quest to find somewhere to nap one day, my friends and I came upon an open computer lab with these nice, new, cushy chairs and we fell in love.  It wasn’t long before we started rolling down the long hallway of the Computer Science department building trying to race and see who could roll down the hall the fastest.  Somehow, this quickly turned into my friends taking turns rolling me down the hallway while I screamed bloody murder because as fun as it was, it was terrifying as fuck.

Soon, the competitiveness kicked in and they all took turns running and pushing me down the hallway on a rolling chair, only to stop at a certain marker in the hallway, and shove with all their might to see who could push me the furthest.  And that’s how Vyvy Bowling was born!  …Much to the displeasure of the TA whose office hours/class we kept disrupting…  Whoops :P  Everyone was asleep anyway so at least we were keeping them awake by all our hootin’ and hollerin’, right…? ;D

On this particular instance of Vyvy Bowling, my friend, Cesar, had the last “bowl”.  Only this time, he didn’t stop at the dedicated marker, he proceeded to run past it and push me as hard as he could to “win” (totally breaking the rules by the way, but I digress… :P).  He may have gotten away with it too, except that I crashed so hard directly into the exit door and barely had a chance to grab on to the push bar before the rolling chair tumbled down a flight of stairs.  We stopped Vyvy Bowling after that and I have to thank my quick reflexes for keeping me from heading straight down those stairs with that poor chair :D

These kinds of crazy memories are what have me smiling randomly during long work days when I think to myself how good the chair I just sat in would fare in a Vyvy Bowling tournament of some sort.

Oh, how I miss college :’)

Anyone else have any crazy, fun college stories to share?  C’mon, don’t be shy!! ;P

Until next time, y’all!! :P

Vyvacious logo

P.S.  Thanks to my cutie for designing my featured image photo for me!  I LOVE IT!! :D  Once he gets his design website back up and running, I’ll link it here :)

6 Responses to “Vyvy Bowling”
  1. Julio says:

    Oh the college days… 😢 we sound like old ppl. One of the best nights was when we went to brew co on Shalom Night! 😂 good times. Miss you, I’ll visit you soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cesar says:

    One of the best memories at campus, We should go to the campus again and go vyvy bowling!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. maedez says:

    Welcome back, Vyv! As always, you are hilarious.

    Liked by 1 person

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