It’s a Breast-Grabbing-Kinda Thanksgiving + Batman Wreath :)

Last night, I had the pleasure of hearing my aunt yell “Grab the breasts, grab the breasts!!” to a guy my age who was standing next to me.  Needless to say, I was scared that she meant my supple pair.  Luckily, she was talking about turkey breasts.

My mom, aunt, and I volunteered last night at We Give Thanks.  Apparently, this is its 26th year that they will be handing out a Thanksgiving meals to the homeless.  I was first turned on to this event by my volunteer group, Orange County Young Professionals of Costa Mesa Kiwanis, better known as OCYP.

I don’t want to bore you with more details but I, ahem, am the Vice President of Networking.  That’s right.  Bow down to me, my minions!! :P  No but really, I’m in charge of all the socials and pick the best places to eat…perfect, right?! :)  But my more favorite position in the club is Director of Baking. Oh yeaaah, babyyy :D

I often bake for my fellow OCYP loves because I like to show my appreciation for their support in this volunteer group :)  Email me at if you might be interested :)

Now back to the topic at hand, or rather, abreast ;)

So, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, folks.  Pretty crazy, huh?  Y’all ready to stuff yourselves silly with delicious food and drank?  I know I am!! :D

Before I head off, I’d like to share with you a Halloween present my momma MADE for me.  It’s not yet Thanksgiving so I can still post Halloween stuff!!  Though this is a mesh between two holidays…check it out :)

Isn’t it awesome?!  My mom is super creative and I remember she was working on making some wreaths to sell to friends.  I made some offhand comment about a Batman-themed wreath and she freaking delivered!

I squealed with delight when I laid eyes upon this wreath.  I still haven’t decided where to hang it up yet because it’s so awesome.  There will be more holiday wreaths to come in my posts.  I just had to start with the best one first of course!! :P  BATMAN RULES ALL! ;)  Besides, that happy-ass bat looks just like me!!

Happy bat…

Batman Wreath

Happy me… :P

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone, no matter how or who you spend it with :)

Until next time, y’all!! :P

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