Because [she’s] the hero [WordPress] deserves, but not the one it needs right now

Friend:  Vyvy, you wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t dirty.

Me:  I’m going to take that as a compliment.

Now, some might be offended.  Some might think “Well gee, does that make me a slut?”  Thankfully, I hold no such negative thoughts about myself.  Instead, I take that shit and turn it into gold.  Blog gold, that is.

I actually think that’s going a bit far. I’m still working my way up to gold.  How about for now, we just all agree that my blog is at least a badass geode.  Seems innocently boring at first.  Eh, just another food blog.  And then SHA-ZAM!!!  Pretty colors and pointy shit on the inside (how does that even RELATE?!).  It’s a party up in hurr.

I’ve fought off many criticisms about how a Batman-foodie-cupcake-dirty-minded blog wouldn’t make it very far, but I think this bundle of fucking weirdness is exactly what today’s people need.

Because [she’s] the hero [WordPress] deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Eh, EH?!? :D  Any resemblance (to Batman) per chance?!  I just got chills, y’all.

Needless to say, just as I’m getting my footing and starting to figure out what my blog’s niche is, I get a motherf’ing award.

Blog of the Year Award for 2012!!! :D

Blog of the Year Award 1 star

But, but…it’s 2013…?  Shut up, betch!!  I know!  However, I received it in 2012, maedez gave it to me in my About section, see? :)

So now…  I pass it on to you!!  With a slight modification!!  Isn’t she a beaut?

Blog of the Year Award 1 star - modified

The rules are here if you want to see but as I’ve already defaced the image…I guess you can see that I’m not so great at adhering to them.  It’s not out of disrespect, I promise.  I just couldn’t find the 2013 edition (but once I do, I’ll gladly think hard and pass on the award).

So since I can’t choose from the very many awesome bloggers I interact with each and every day, I dedicate this award to my family.  Why?  Because I can’t make this shit up, folks.  All that talk about grabbing breasts, blue balls, sperm = a chicken egg, buttseks, getting coal for Christmas…  It’s all part of the real-life Vyvacious family, yo! :P  Actually it’s gotten so bad that if I start laughing at something they said, they’ll quickly yell “You better not put that in your blog!!” :P

I hope y’all enjoy the shit I write about.  I appreciate this blog award, more than you know.  Please check out A Small Pressed Life as there’s a plethora of different posts to tickle your senses from slap-the-knee-funny to a booky-obsession that rivals my Batman love.  Well, almost ;)

Expect that Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Truffle Brownie recipe this coming Sunday…  Unless of course something else more exciting happens in the land of Vyvacious that I must share with you :P

And so, I bid you adieu with the best description I’ve heard of my blog yet from A Small Press Life

Vyvacious, serving up hilarity and food, with a tasty, tasty side of Batman.

Tasty, indeed!! :P Thank you, maedez!!  So excited for my first blog award!!  EEEEEE!!! :D

Until next time, y’all!! :P

Vyvacious logo

20 Responses to “Because [she’s] the hero [WordPress] deserves, but not the one it needs right now”
  1. I love this post. When I started my blog in July, people said “Oh, you’re righting a blog? What’s it about?” My reply was always….”Um, I dunno.” All these months later, I still don’t. So, you do whatever you want, I love it! I love your reworked blog award too. That made me laugh out loud. And how funny is the “this better not end up on your blog”. I get that too. I think you’re just awesomesauce, as some blog friends of mine like to say. Keep it up!


    • vyvacious says:

      You are freaking awesome!! I didn’t expect a comment so soon so this is exciting :)

      Haha, thank you!! Can you believe it took me three tries to get that magnificent (dear god, Le Clown is going to sue me) “3”?

      I always tell my family to pay me $$$ if they don’t want a story ending up in my blog :P and their lack of desire to do so and left me with some pretty interesting blog posts!! ;)

      Aww, yay!! Thank you! I have been deemed “Batman Awesomesauce” :P


  2. My blog consistis of me bitching about people in pajama pants and dog turds.

    And people READ IT. So to say people are surprised that your blog has a massive following, and that it should not is stupid. You are funny and and can cook.

    People read mine and think “this dumbass talks to almonds” And that’s about as far as my writings go. Dog turds, pajama pants, and talking to an almond


  3. There is ALWAYS a better when dirty party up in herreeerrrr…. LOL Love it as usual!!! Congrats on the award!


  4. maedez says:

    You deserve it! And I stand by my description, because Vyvacious is my go-to blog for inappropriate humour (that’s a fricking compliment, by the way) and drool-worthy recipes. And BATMAN! BAAATTTMAAAANNNN!


    • vyvacious says:

      Hahaha!! I love it!! I take it as a huge huge compliment, thank you :D wow! I never thought I’d become someone’s “go-to blog for inappropriate humour”. I feel honored, I really do :) and drool-worthy recipes?! YESSS.



  5. alexw says:

    Ah congrats on getting the award! It is indeed quite entertaining to read about breasts, blue balls, and such =)


  6. I love the change. The blue “3” just had my toes tingling.


  7. That really is an excellent description of your blog. Yay maedez! And yay Vyvacious!


    • vyvacious says:

      Woohoo!! Madame Weebles has graced my blog with her presence, how fucking awesome!! :)

      I HAD to post maedez’s description because it was so spot on and she’s awesome as well! Yay!


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