Seattle: Food Adventures (Part 2)

As some have you know, I professed my love for Molly Moon’s Ice Cream in my last post about my visit to Seattle.  Check it out here if you didn’t get a chance to read it :)  Or, experience the Chihuly exhibit through my pictures in part 3 of my Seattle adventures :P

Now, keep in mind, these are rambling posts.  Therefore, I ramble on even MORE than usual.  Sorry.  But hey, check out this sunset!

Pretty, huh?  I took it from the Columbia Center Observation Deck.  Gorgeous views from the tallest building in Seattle.  I only wish that I got to visit the BEST women’s bathroom (in the world?!) that resides on the 74th and 75th floor of the Columbia Center.  Just imagine it, peeing and then washing your hands with the Seattle skyline laid out in front of you…as the sun is setting…  We devised many ways to try and break into these elite floors to use their even more elite bathrooms…we failed :(

Soon after we headed back to the Public Market to try and snag some of that delicious clam chowda (as we like to call it :P).  But sadly, they were closed, and we had to settle for sub-par Il Bistro instead with horrible, horrible service.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some, right?

And just look at the Space Needle, all lit up and even more awe-inspiring at night :)

Did I mention that we stopped by the Chihuly exhibit gift shop at some point?  Didn’t even pass through the exhibit because we got side tracked by the gifts…  That’s when I saw the most beautiful vase in the world.

I want it.  I need it.  I must have it.  It’s $7500.  Chump change, right?  And look at this one, it’s very popular amongst lovers apparently because it’s two entities becoming one.  Beautiful, isn’t it?

I was pretty sad that I couldn’t buy the beautiful works of art that I saw.  To be honest, when would I ever have that in my house?  I wouldn’t be able to have friends over, or even let myself into the same room actually, I’m a klutz!  But it’s so beautiful…  So to distract myself, we got Molly Moon’s :P

In case you didn’t read about it in my last post, I am ADDICTED to Molly Moon’s ice cream.  I dream about it.  I would bathe in it.  I love it.  So I made everyone go back :D  This time I got vanilla bean ice cream (always a staple) and balsamic strawberry ice cream in a waffle cone.  Balsamic strawberry sounds weird right?  Look me a few licks to get used to it.  But that tangy bite really adds to the strawberry ice cream.  Yum :)

I hope you all enjoyed this part in the series Seattle: Food Adventures (Part 2)!  Part 3 coming up is here!! :P  Check out Part 1 if you missed it! :)  See you soon!

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