Seattle: Chihuly Exhibit (Part 3)

Are you ready for this?  …because you’re about to encounter a buttload of pictures.  That’s right, I said it…a BUTTLOAD of pictures!  What quantity does a “buttload” equate to you might ask?  Well, a freaking lot, how about that?!

But you’re going to love these buttload of pictures, I promise you that much.

I think I found my new favorite artist.  I love color and I love weird things.  I love when art isn’t so uniform and perfect.  I find beauty in each individualistic shape and color.  Hence, my newfound love for Chihuly.  It wasn’t until I realized that he decorated the infamous ceiling in the Bellagio hotel did I realize that’s why his artwork looked so familiar.  But to see his artwork, in all its shapes and forms, collected all in one place…it was mindblowingly breathtaking.  I fell in love with each moment that my eyes were allowed to drink up all the colors and textures.

I encountered his exhibit while in Seattle visiting my friend Jeff.  That day, the boys went off to the science museum, and Grace & I wandered off to experience the Chihuly exhibit in all its glory.  **Check out Part 1 & Part 2 of my Seattle trip to see what else I ate/saw while I was there :)

It was beautiful.

It was breathtaking.

It made me want to be surrounded by his artwork.

I hope these photos inspire you to visit one of his exhibits someday.  They truly are enchanting.  Enjoy!! :D

I bought a similar poster of the boats below because I wanted this brightness in my life everyday.  Of course, the poster looks waaay better than my phone picture came out :P

Let’s look at this gorgeous thang up close and personal ;)

Look at the Space Needle peeking through Chihuly’s artwork :)  Reminds me of fall, even though it was an exceptionally hot weekend for Seattle when I was visiting.

This is where the garden Chihuly exhibit begins.  I wonder how they keep everything so clean and shiny all of the time!

Look, it’s me! :D

We’re now coming to the chandelier portion of Chihuly’s exhibit.  I want every single one of these in my house!!  There were too many to post, so I’m just showing you my favorite ones…

Can you say Medusa…? :P

Look, me and all the chandeliers! :)

And of course, one last picture of me with this gorgeous Chihuly piece just for good measure. Just to bring the post pictures full circle, ya know…? ;)

I know it was a lot of pictures to process but I hope you enjoyed each and every one!  Have you ever been to a Chihuly exhibit?  If so, I’d love to hear about it!  Also, tag me in your blog to show me YOUR pictures :)  Check out Part 1 & Part 2 of my Seattle trip to see what else I ate/saw while I was there :)

11 Responses to “Seattle: Chihuly Exhibit (Part 3)”
  1. Travis says:

    Ummmmm….. I think you forgot to give me my Chihuly souvenir when you were in Orlando…


  2. AHA! We were there last month but we didn’t go inside! We were eyeing the amazing sculptures though and wondered who made them! Ahhh! I want one at home. Or I want one to be my home.


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