Seattle: Food Adventures (Part 1)

It’s not even 11am and I just wolfed down a cupcake.  I’m not talking about some cute little mini cupcake that makes you squeal at the sheer cuteness of it, I’m talking about its large “I’m-pregnant-with-twin-mini-cupcakes” mother.  Yeah, it’s BIGGER than a regular-sized cupcake.  This is what happens when I have early morning workouts AND my aunt decides to buy me cupcakes to test so I can see how I compare taste/decoration-wise.  Thank you…I have now successfully canceled out my morning yoga session.  Haha.

My aunt knows that I would love to start tailoring and selling my baked goods to people.  I love personalization in terms of creating a dessert that rocks your world!!  Something that combines different ideas and favorite tastes to create the perfect dessert for you.  So to get an idea of sizes/prices/presentation, she’s been calling me about whenever she sees bake shops and of course buying me cupcakes :)

I’ve been doing a little research of my own.  This past weekend, I ventured to Seattle, WA to visit one of my good friends from UCLA (GO BRUINS!!! :D).  It was a group of 4 people total coming to visit Jeff and we had a blast!  I’m not sure what was on everyone else’s agenda but my main priority was FOOD…and of course, spending time with Jeff since we hadn’t seen him in a while :)  But really, FOOOOD!!! :P

When I landed, Jeff and I immediately went to get food at what he described to me as an Italian pub.  I got so excited! An Italian pub?!  I’ve never heard of one of those! Maybe they have a wine bar with cute appetizers like meatball and spaghetti on a stick…or they’ll have individual pizzas they serve from an authentic wood fired pizza oven!  Turns out it was just an Irish pub called Paddy Coyne’s… :(  Needless to say, we had a good laugh and it was a running joke all weekend.  You can bet your behind, I didn’t let him live that one down!

Now we couldn’t go to an Irish pub and NOT get a beer.  I got an IPA to help wash down my Alaskan cod fish & chips which was only $6!  Subbed out the fries for Praties & gravy which were fries smothered in this really flavorful gravy and jack cheese.  Only cost an extra dollar too, sweet :D  It was delicious, I especially liked the gravy that smothered the Praties.  I would have taken a picture, but with my crappy iPhone 3G picture quality and the low light of the pub, I figured it was a waste of time because it’d just look like a pile of poo on a plate.  Soon, my lovelies, soon I shall have a new phone :)

We went to pick everyone up early the next morning and headed off on our food-venture!! :D  It started with a vanilla latte from Tully’s, Smoked Salmon Piroshky from Piroshky Piroshky (just as good as I remembered!), and we ended our lunch fare at Serious Pie with some soft duck eggs, spicy coppa, garlicky braised greens pizza AND buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce, fresh basil pizza.  So good.

I know y’all must be thinking, well where the hell are all the pictures?!  I’m finicky when it comes to my food pictures.  I have problems if they don’t look at least appetizing…so, here’s a picture of me on a boat instead :D

Took a picture with Capt’n Dave of Argosy Cruises.  We got to see the Sleepless in Seattle floating home…oooh…aaahh

Now, when we passed by the Seattle Tennis Club via boat, the guide was telling us little tidbits about it.  That’s when THIS happened.

Guide: The Seattle Tennis Club has an “all-white rule”…

Me: What?!? That’s racist!!

Guide: …Which means that when you play tennis, you have to be completely dressed in white, head to toe.

Me: Oh.

Needless to say, the 5 of us were in tears and I couldn’t stop laughing for a good 10 mins afterward.  Then, it was time for my FAVORITE ICE CREAM PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLDMolly Moon’s Ice Cream!!

I dream about this place.  I tell anyone and everyone that visits/lives/passes by Seattle to eat here and they do and fall in love and go withdrawals just like me.  Ok, maybe not to that extent, but it really is DELICIOUS! :D  I always tell people the story of when I first had their ice cream.  I had a sample of their salted caramel ice cream, the moment I put it in my mouth, I yelled out “HOLY CRAP!”  Everyone turned to look at me and my friend just looked away, shaking his head.  He’s used to me by now, but I think his friends were scared.  It was amazing, it was decadent, it was wonderfully homemade and full of flavor.

I know it doesn’t look like much.  But that’s because I ate half of it already!  This here is showing salted caramel ice cream on top and vanilla bean ice cream on the bottom in a waffle cone.  Btw, this is considered ONE scoop.  Their scoops are HUGE!  But they’ll let you get two different kinds of ice cream in one scoop :D  Let’s end this post now with a picture of my friends and a huge metal crawfish we found in Seattle Center.  It looks like it’s eating me.  Maybe because it knows I eat it’s small minions slathered in butter, Cajun sauce, and lemon…  Oh well.

More to come on the Seattle front… :)

*Special thanks to Karla for pointing out to me that my yellow font is unreadable via mobile devices. I was just trying to keep up with the black & yellow theme for this blog since I love BATMAN so much :P  Sorry about that!  I hope this helps :)

**PSSST…check out Part 2, HERE! orrrr experience the Chihuly exhibit in Part 3 of my Seattle Adventures! :P

7 Responses to “Seattle: Food Adventures (Part 1)”
  1. Sleepless in Tacoma says:

    I’ve combed your blog for details on which Molly Moons you went too. Yes, I read all three post. I’m not sure If I am ready for such a great feat of having a double. But I accept the single scoop challenge and this will be lunch on Saturday!!! (Have I mentioned I’m slightly lactose Intolerant???)

    BTW, Thanks for the shout out!
    Additionally, You wrote this on Oct. 3rd … that adds to the mistery of when we started chatting more, but still no firm idea. I give up. I have a memory of a gold fish. 3 sec and I’m out!

    For those that need to get there, here is the address.

    917 E Pine St
    (between Broadway & Nagle Pl)
    Seattle, WA 98122


    • vyvacious says:

      There are FOUR posts!! Hahaha.

      I’m so excited for you! Taste lots of samples beforehand! :D

      Haha yes I remember. Make sure you’re near a bathroom…haha. And make sure you get a waffle cone!!! Take pictures for me!!

      You are welcome! :D Haha I had forgotten about that… Yes, you are just like Dori…

      Thanks for being helpful! Hope you’re sleeping more ;)


      • Sleepless in Tacoma says:

        Ohh, crap! How did I miss the fourth one! I feel like an A$$!!!
        You need not worry about the bathroom situation. It’s just the opposite. ;-) TMI, I know! Haha! However, a stranger may find me rocking myself in agony in the fetal position.
        Who’s Dori?
        Ummm, sleeping uncontrollably that’s for sure. That’s a colossal change from the previous weeks. Must be the rain that knocks me out. Serenity!!!


      • Sleepless in Tacoma says:

        BTW … I read part 4 …Nice Kitty shirt. H&M!?


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