My pictures, YOUR story – What the hell happened last night?

Welcome to the first trial run of My pictures, YOUR story.  Help me figure out what the hell happened last night.  Was I abducted by aliens?  Am I spy hiding undercover?  Am I just frolicking around on a random night?

Here are the pictures.  I shall patiently await your expertly woven tale to tell me why I woke up with all my Batman sheets shoved to one side and no socks on this morning.  Scandalous, I know ;)

Vyvacious || Sushiliciousness at Orange Sushi

Vyvacious || Boddington's Pub Ale

Vyvacious || Le creeper

Vyvacious || Le creeper

Vvyacious || Wash your hands betch

Vyvacious || Julio, Dan, and I at Hopscotch

Vyvacious || Julio modeling

Vyvacious || Fun at Florentine's

Vyvacious || Fun at Florentine's

Vyvacious || Fun at Florentine's

Can’t wait to hear your stories, y’all!  Post that shit in the comments por favor and let The Story Games begin!! :P  May the odds be foreva in your fava!!  (Too much…? :P)

P.S.  There’s a little prize that will go to the best story decided by yours truly!!! ;)  There are NO RESTRICTIONS on who can win!  This is open to entire WOOOORRRRLLLDDD :D

Mini giveaway will end Saturday, 9th at 11:59pm PST

Until next time, y’all!! :P

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17 Responses to “My pictures, YOUR story – What the hell happened last night?”
  1. Special K says:

    For minute there you sounded straight out of the hunger games!!! Wait, that’s what you were going for minus the wigs!

    Sushi …English beer … Checkout the trick I can make with my “Magic Hat”, Betches” … Pretty chick drink …. drank too mush (slur) gotta go break the seal … Shitfaced … shitfaced … Here’s where we wnt to get shitfaced surrounded by creep-o’s … winding down …What hapen to the widow fishys??? (Slur, slur slur)

    Where’s Batman!?!


  2. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Green tea ice cream, sushi, Vyvy and friends. Oh yes and Boddington’s Pub Ale. What could be more perfect? I’m just sorry I wasn’t in Orange County to wash my hands. Oh well, maybe not to wash my hands, although I would have arrived with clean hands, but certainly to enjoy the food, friends and foam!


  3. We went to a CUBAN restaurant we heard had good food and saw a CUBAN beer tasting list…. You of course said BRING IT ON and the first beer you remember is Magic Hat and the rest is the blur. You ordered 4 courses. Moved tables and created your own dance floor got to rowdy and took off before cops or bouncers could kick you out!


  4. Jenna Kvidt says:

    You ordered 4 delicious dishes and then got worried your beer was going to try to steal them from you, so you snuck up on the beer to try and scare it away from your food. That didn’t work, so you killed it by chugging it instead. And then you had to do away with all the beer’s friends too, just in case they were witnesses. You then had to wash your hands in case there was lingering evidence of the chugging. Next, you tried to act innocent, but that wasn’t working, so you eventually went crazy on the dance floor from the stress of potentially being caught. The only thing that calmed you down was talking with the fish, and thankfully you were able to go home to rest; however, it didn’t work well because you dreamt batman was out to get you for killing all those beers. You awoke after having a fight with “batman”…or maybe it was just the sheets ;)


  5. You’re going out for what you think is just going to be a delicious dinner with friends. But it isn’t! Was the salmon laced with meth? Was there coke in your ice cream? An evil spirit in your Poddingtons? A gremlin in your magic hat? A one-eyed demon in your beer glass?!?!

    But no – it was an employee, who didn’t wash his hands!!

    We can see the effects hitting Vyvy, who’s hoping her hands can hold in the pain.

    We can see the faces, the faces trying to keep it all inside.

    But they can’t – the mouths open, everything explodes!!

    And color me jealous that your vomit comes out looking like coral!


  6. Not sure what the hell happened, but I wish I was there–it looks like a blast. Much different than my weekends these days:) Great beer choices as well. I love this post idea.


  7. Nicole Marie says:

    You went into a food coma and got shoved into a fish tank??!! Sounds like the best night EVER.


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