Sweet Motherfeckin™ Cupcakes!!!

This Saturday, all my dreams come true!! :D  I’m actually selling my cupcakes to the public.  EEEEEEE!!!! :D  Y’all remember my Sweet Mother made me fecking™ cry post right? :)  It was so great meeting her and Wifesy!!

Well, last time I was at Podcom at PodShare, I was crying from laughing so much.  But you already knew that because you read my Sweet Mother post, right?  Right :)

I thought that before revealing the Sweet Motherfeckin™ Cupcakes I shall be selling at the show that you too would like the opportunity to cry and pee your pants.  Sounds enticing doesn’t it?  Oh yeeesss ;)

Here you are, my friends.  Cry your eyes out.  Pee your pants.  This shit is HILARIOUS (Note:  You can see me laughing in the background :D).

What Sweet Mother said is true.  I am in fact 100 and she is indeed 12…someone needs to stop her from drinking all the damn wine since she’s underage!!

Up next is my favorite guy comedian of the last Podcom!

In case, y’all are wondering, here’s the picture I took of him :P

Vyvacious || Matthew Moore

And now, here’s where I started crying during Sweet Mother’s set.  You can see me wiping away the tears near the end of her set.  I’m SO GLAD this amazing moment of tears and laughter was caught on video :D

All 15 of us, had an AMAZING time and I’m so excited to bring some more friends to the Podcom this Saturday!!  It’s going to be a blast.  My friends know that I don’t push anything unless if I really just love it on my own but if you are in the southern California area, come to the show!  I would love to meet you and I’m sure Sweet Mother would too! :)  Email bookingpodcom@gmail.com to get on the $5 list or ask any questions.  Also, if you click on any of the links throughout my post, it’ll bring you to the appropriate about page to describe what Podcom is, what PodShare is, etc. :)

Now, my loves, I present to you…the Sweet Motherfeckin™ Cupcakes I shall sell at the Podcom THIS Saturday, February 2nd in Hollywood!! :D  (Don’t you just looove the name of the cupcakes?  I came up with it and couldn’t stop laughing once I did :P)

Butter Yellow Pudding Cupcakes with my favorite Dark Chocolate Frosting

*Made famous by Sweet Mother herself, see? :)

Vyvacious || Sweet Mother Eating a Vyvacious Cupcake

Chocolate Pudding Cupcakes with a Brown Sugar Cloud Frosting

*Yeah, babyyy…just look at that cupcake in all its beautiful glory ;)  Just a note, the ones at the show will be full-sized, regular cupcakes!  Not the mini one pictured below :)

Vyvacious || Chocolate Pudding Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Cloud Frosting

Show starts at 8pm…hope to see you there!  If not, I hope to see you on the blogosphere so that I can share my amazing experiences with y’all!  But someday, I’m sure we’ll meet in person and have a grand ‘ole spankin’ time!! :D

Until next time, y’all!! :P

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20 Responses to “Sweet Motherfeckin™ Cupcakes!!!”
  1. maedez says:

    Brown sugar cloud frosting? Yes, please! I’m pretty sure I make a similar comment at least once a week, but I do not f’in care.


  2. twindaddy says:

    Vyvy, you stole this idea from 2 Broke Girls, didn’t you. Hack!!


  3. TJLubrano says:

    That was sooooooo cool to see!! Hahaha! I want to yell “BItches Tit IS OUUTTTT” as well now.

    *falls from chair laughing*


  4. I <3 Sweet Moms. Always have, always will. I think if I met you both my head would explode.


  5. Oh my gosh, I never new Rebecca was so funny – funniest thing I’ve seen in ages!!!
    And nice to see you in a video too!


  6. saradraws says:

    I WISH i could go. Sounds like a blast. Cupcake worthy indeed.


  7. “These women right here are 112!” I totally feel that way about Asian people too. YOU GUYS AGE SO WELL.


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