Seattle: Tempura Bacon & MORE (Part 4)

Honestly, I’m sick of Seattle right now.  No, wait.  I take that back!!  I’m just sick of posting about it (see Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3).  Haha.  I’m sure you’re sick about reading it too, huh?  Lo siento.  But, I just HAVE to tell you about some amazing food I had and that’ll be all, ok?  Aaand maybe just a few extra fun pictures ;)

So Grace was amazing enough to find a yelp event for us to attend called Seattle Underground Market.  It was a private event that you had to sign up for and it ended up being in a warehouse…kinda strange but it worked since it wasn’t that cold :)

I ate so much food from pork dumplings to freshly squeezed mango orange juice to coffee-rubbed pork sliders (and more!).  We were just running around like maniacs, splitting up so each person could buy a bunch at one booth and then swap.  This maximized the amount of food we were able to eat in a limited amount of time.  I’m all about efficiency when it comes to trying different foods :)  And OF COURSE, I focused mainly on desserts.  I was so curious to see what Seattle brought on the dessert forefront.

I had some mini cupcakes which were cute but didn’t stand out to me.  I’m not being snobby, I swear!  I just…thought they were ok!  I also bought 3 cake pops.  They were cute :)

Left to right:  café mocha cake pop with a milk chocolate coating topped with a chocolate covered coffee bean, confetti cake pop with a strawberry coating topped with sprinkles, & red velvet cake pop with a cream cheese coating.

My favorite was the café mocha cake pop because I felt it had the most flavor.  The confetti cake pop was cute; I really liked the design on it.  And the red velvet one was very rich and tasty.

I also tried a strawberry rhubarb pie popsicle that even had a graham cracker crust topping!  I thought it was good but my friend’s blackberry pie popsicle looked amazing.  I would have taken a picture but he downed that shit in an instant.

As part of our Seattle adventure, we visited Snoqualmie Falls Park.  It’s supposed to be taller than Niagara Falls but I still felt like Niagara Falls held that WOW factor for me more when I visited late last year.  Here are some pictures of Snoqualmie Falls:

My friend Matt and I…and of course my kitty shirt :P

Aren’t Grace and Sky cute?  She was holding on to him to make sure he didn’t fall over while taking a picture since they were both standing on a rock :P  Awwww!

And now, on to the topic I’ve been itching to talk about…TEMPURA BACON!!  You heard me right!  You best believe that (for all you Power 106 listeners out there ;)) I will be making this tempura bacon someday and passing on that recipe to you!  Hell yeah, just look at it…

I was salivating AS the picture was being taken so don’t mind me if you see some drool… ;)  You can also see the deviled eggs with truffled bacon at the bottom of the picture.  It was amazing.  Our spread at John Howie Steak included Beecher’s Flagship Reserve Cheddar Mac & Cheese (elbow pasta, onion crème sauce, herbed bread crumb crust), Prime Tenderloin Bites, Tempura Fried Kurobata Bacon (w/ a maple sambal dipping sauce), and Deviled Eggs (w/ truffles bacon).  Everything was so good.

And to drink, I had a Le Fleur Cocktail: muddled cucumber, Hendricks gun from Scotland, St. Germaine and lemonade.  Light and delicious.

You can’t forget dessert.  Sky and Grace had a Cherries Jubilee Bread Pudding which looked amazing but I couldn’t have any of it because of the cherries and hazelnuts (*tear*).  But I had a crazy good Boston Cream Pie that just rocked my socks.

Gah.  So good.

And guess what?  There’s Chihuly art in the mall so you can look at pretty things while walking off all that sinful food.  Oh Chihuly, you’re awesome.

I promise I’ll have a recipe for Monday’s post!  What kind of dessert do you think I’ll delve into…?  Until next time, my loves :)

2 Responses to “Seattle: Tempura Bacon & MORE (Part 4)”
  1. Jeffrey says:

    What, how could you be sick of Seattle? :P


    • vyvacious says:

      Haha! Oops, got caught red-handed!! :P Just kidding! Haha, hence why I took my words back! Twas but a joke! I just figured people were sick of my 4 posts of Seattle…but I do really hope they liked them…haha


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