Mermaid Bondage and Naughty Girl Holiday Cupcake Card Giveaway Winners

S&M-friendly Ariel

Have you ever seen Ariel, The Little Mermaid, in full glorified bondage?  I have…and I have to say it’s quite disturbing. This certainly isn’t for the little ones so please shield their eyes for their own sake. It troubled me so much because I came upon her while walking around with my mom for goodness … Continue reading

Zombies R Gonna Eat Our BrainZ + Winners Revealed

We’re all going to die. The zombies are going to rip into us piece by piece and eat our brains.  Your brainz.  Your friends’ brainZ.  My braaainZzZ. Here’s living (dead?) proof: Like I said before, we’re going to die. I went to the Night of the Living Dead Show with my friend, Julio, at the … Continue reading

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