Vegas, babyyy!! {1}

I can’t feel my toes.  Let’s be specific, I can’t feel the four left toes on my left foot.  My big toe is slightly numb where it touches my second toe.  My second toe is pretty much all the way numb.  And the other three are that weird tingly numb.

I’m totally fine, right?

Someone just please hold me and tell me everything is going to be alright.

What’s the cause of all this fun-loving numbness?  Guess all you want but the answer is Vegas.  I just heard a very distinct “OH” from all y’all…  Vegas explains everything doesn’t it?

I still remember us in the elevator this past weekend.  It was packed full with people and we were heading down to the MGM lobby.  Some girl made a comment, her posse laughed and then she said “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.  On cue, I yelled “Except for herpes!!”

I think I have diarrhea of the mouth.  I can’t contain myself.  You might be thinking that I was probably piss drunk since I was in Sin City.  Nope.  Stone cold sober.  And my inner thoughts were just fighting themselves to get the hell out into the real world.  At least we all had a good laugh :P

This was a pretty impromptu trip but holy hell was I surprised at how well everything worked out great!  I was flying in with one of my friends and I only knew one other person (Amanda <3) there out of the entire party of 7.  I was a wee bit nervous to say the but definitely down to have fun.

Well let’s just say we all got along splendidly and it all started when we met Jeff.

Vegas plane ride with Julio and Jeff

Julio and I found out that Jeff would be on our flight and we decided to team up to start pre-gaming on the flight.  If you’re thinking you remember Julio’s glorious face, that’s because you’re thinking of the time when we got our brains eaten by zombies.  Good thing we had enough to function on this trip.

I think the Southwest steward secretly wished us drunk because when she found our illegally smuggled alcohol we were pouring into our complimentary beverages, she angrily threw away our empty (conveniently travel-sized) bottles and ordered us to chug our drinks.  With pleasure.  A woman that cleans up after me AND knows how to have a good time?  Sign me up!

I swear we’re not alcoholics.

We just like to have a good time and save money.  It’s a win-win, really.  By the way, if anyone noticed the Batman backpack in the reflection, props to you!! :P

Guess what else, we like to do?


This could be the very reason why I can’t feel my toes, Ferry Corsten was amazing!  We danced EVERY night, well except for Justin and JulioJustin had to go back to do some very important work, totally understandable.  And Julio is a wet blanket.

Just kidding, far from it!  He passed out from all the festivities we had going on Saturday night.  I guess that’s what happens when you have too much fun jumping on beds and directing the sunrise with our newly acquired glow sticks from Marquee and MoonVegas is dangerous…especially if you chip your tooth brushing your teeth.  Right, Jeff?  :P  I think they might kill me for writing that but hey, we all survived and had fun :)

Tryst was a blast.

Again, NOT alcoholics.  But we definitely partied with style.

We had an AMAZING time.  So much so that I will be doing multiple posts on this Vegas trip.  Hell yeah :P  But you want to know what was the most scandalous thing that happened on this trip?  We somehow all had relations with the same deer and no one knew about it until now.

This photographic evidence is going to ruin us :(  I wouldn’t expect anything less from Vegas, though.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Vegas, babyyy!! ;)

Until next time, y’all! :D

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10 Responses to “Vegas, babyyy!! {1}”
  1. Karla says:

    Ugh … I miss Vegas! I definately would be a “Wet Blanket” since I go to Vegas to chill. I love a good hot tub with a view and a good bottle of vino!

    I’ve been over the dance party scene for years. Atleast 12 or so.

    Great to see you had an awesome time!


    • vyvacious says:

      I miss Vegas too!! ;)

      Hahahaha! I was just kidding about the “wet blanket” deal :P

      Ooh hot tub and vino! I think I would be down for that some of the relaxing days :) I just need to dance a lot, it’s in my blood. Haha.

      Oh man! I think I’ll cry if I get to that point. Haha.

      Thanks Karla :)


  2. those pictures with the deer are hilarious!! I am a huge fan of making people do photo ops, and that deer was just asking for some incriminating photos to be taken. Looks like you guys had a blast! I love that you even smuggled booze on the plane — my kind of girl. =)


    • vyvacious says:

      Hahaha! Thanks! :D Heck yes! It was so perfectly positioned…in a really expensive store! Haha. So we were sprawled on the floor and all this snooty people were looking at us! :P

      Haha we did. Heck yeah! :P It was so fun! We should meet up and party sometime!!


  3. Ira says:

    Are you sure there weren’t anyone inside those deers?

    Anxiously awaiting the next installment.


  4. Jenna Kvidt says:

    Haha, this is hilarious! Sounds like a great time and especially love the deer photos :)


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