Bananas for Oreos (BFOs)

I have been in a nonstop snacking mood all day.  You know it’s bad when I stop by my coworker’s cube every hour to grab more mini chocolates from his drawer.  Especially since chocolate on bad days (when I feel susceptible to allergies) can give me headaches and cause me to feel super sluggish (I was once mildly allergic to chocolate but I’m doing much better now! :))  It feels great to be able to eat chocolate more often now!

All of my snacking led me to daydream about my favorite snack of all:  OREOS.  I am obsessed.  I have an ENTIRE board of Oreo-based desserts on Pinterest, see…?  Head over heels in love!

I remember when I first saw this recipe online, there were so many versions!  There were versions using peanut butter as a glue and rolling these little treats into crushed nuts or sprinkles.  Well, as I’ve become allergic to all nuts as of two years ago, I decided to integrate my FAVORITE snack into this simple recipe.  What recipe, say you?  Well, my own personalized BFOs of course!! :)  BFOs stand for Bananas for Oreos!! :P

I just used very miniscule drops of honey to keep my mini Nilla wafer/banana sandwiches together but not overpower the entire taste and then coated the sides with crushed Oreos!  Simple, tasty, cute dessert for the next time someone drops by for a visit ;)


BFOs – Bananas for Oreos!



  • 1 box mini Nilla wafers
  • Several ripe (but still firm) bananas
  • Honey (scant amounts)
  • Oreos (coarsely crushed)

  1. For simplicity, shake the box of mini Nilla wafers onto a large covered surface, say a cookie sheet, for example.
  2. Flip the wafers (if necessary) so that the rounded part is touching the surface, thus leaving the flat end of the wafer facing up.
  3. Take your honey and deposit small drops (using a squeeze bottle is best for this) onto the flat ends of the wafers.
  4. Peel the banana and use a butter knife to slice the banana approximately ¼ to ½ inch thick.
  5. Sandwich the banana slices in between two mini Nilla wafers.
  6. Roll your treats in crushed Oreos and voilà! You’re done :D

Some tips:

  • Make these right before you want to serve them for best results. It only takes a few minutes!
  • BFOs are poppable; don’t make the mistake my friend made when she bit into one and banana plopped onto the table.

On my food trip to Europe, I was introduced to Speculoos, for some reason I never tried that magical gingerbread cookie butter at home when it was right in front of my face.  It fondly reminds me of peanut butter consistency-wise and I’ve already incorporated into many of my baked goods.  Recipes to come :)  Next time I make these BFOs, I definitely want to sub out the honey for some Speculoos/Biscoff spread for an utterly mouthgasmic experience.  Can’t wait.

But first, I wanted to look at these cuties again… :P

Enjoy, y’all!

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