So I kicked my suitcase down some stairs…

*Transcribed from my written journal

Thursday, June 28th
11:58pm (Lyon Time)

So I kicked my suitcase down some stairs at the metro on Wednesday. I promised y’all I’d fill you in, didn’t I?! :P we were leaving that godforsaken hostel with our luggage and had just descended the stairs into the metro station next to the Louvre.

I was so excited that the turnstiles were broken so we got to go in for free! :) so excited in fact that I very energetically kicked my (4-direction wheeled) luggage through the open turnstile while carrying my duffel bag and backpack. My suitcase started its course and I realized it was barreling down a steeper incline than I imagined.

I quietly said “oh dear” and then started yelling “Emiliza Emiliza Emiliza!!!” No direction, nothing about my luggage, I just decided to yell her name 3 times. Haha. I should have just screamed “Bloody Mary” 3 times to see if she would magically appear and assist me with my luggage :P Emiliza turned just in time to see my suitcase fall down the stairs and bounce off various steps to land at the bottom. Hahaha.

It was a funny sight to see because Emiliza was just like “WTF is wrong with you” while laughing and I was cracking up so hard I was holding my sides. Good thing I packed away my cute little Paris teapot along with various fragile gifts in my backpack. I checked later and luckily my beautiful bright blue ink from my calligraphy set and my personal mirror (both of which I obtained in Paris) were fine :) this made me very happy!

Another funny subway story… Sooo I somehow fell UP the stairs the other day. Hahaha. Clare, Emiliza, and I were just about to start our day and I don’t remember where we were headed to. But I was so busy jokingly telling Clare to hold on because it was super windy that day and I was afraid she’d blow away. And somehow, I tripped and my hands slammed into the steps in front of me and my shins perpendicularly hit the sharp point of the steps.

I immediately started laughing because Clare and Emiliza were both so confused since one second I was there and the next I was face down on the subway stairs laughing but clearly in pain. Hahaha. The bruises took a few days to form but the soreness and pain was immediate. Now I have some sexy bruises to show off whenever I wear anything that shows off my legs. If people ask, maybe I’ll just chalk it up to a kickboxing accident or something :P

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