My flight to Paris

*Transcribed from my handwritten journal that I started for Europe

Wednesday, June 20th

~6:30AM (Paris Time)

So this is it, my first page in the chronicles of my Europe adventure.  I wanted to write in this sooner, to document my preparation of this unimaginable journey.  But of course, I was way too busy to do so.  This is nice though, actually being able to write.  I know I always say this but I really do hope I have the luxury of writing about my travels on a daily basis.  I hope that in the middle of living an extremely hectic, exciting life, I still take the time to step back and value it for everything it’s worth.

So my prep for this trip was tiresome to stay the least but I’ll get into that later.  For now I want to document the last 24 hours.  After a frantic departure form my house where I almost left my credit cards, boarding pass, and a few other things behind, I was finally on my way.  I felt bad for my friend who had to take me to the airport because he looked and sounded sleepy as shit.  Haha.  A 30 min. dubstep-filled ride later and we were there.  I was nervous, I was excited, I was everything.

On the whim, I decided to check 2 bags instead of the 1 I was considering before.  I realized I didn’t really fancy lugging around a duffel bag full of clothes so I took my chances.  I really, Really, REALLY hope my 2 pcs of luggage made it to Paris okay and that I will be reunited happily.  Of course, as I realized later at my layover in JFK, I left my damn shoes in my friend’s car.  DAMMIT.  Wait…this means…SHOE SHOPPING IN PARIS :) :D :)

My first flight basically consisted of me knocking out, eternally thankful that the middle seat was not occupied so I could sprawl out a little.  My second flight (which I’m still currently on :)) proved more exciting.  Turns out I’m seated next to some movie producer who produces more documentaries of the serious type and other movies along those lines.  The real fascination for me comes from the fact that he’s doing what he loves.  I ask if he ever regretted following his dreams.  Did he ever suffer or cause his family trouble by not being able to provide for them?  Have people ever told him they hated his movies?

He answered all these questions and more and I loved it.  He said he hasn’t had a big movie hit yet.  In the film industry, he said it’s difficult to achieve something like that.  I agreed wholeheartedly because (at least in America, in my opinion!) we are much more fixed on filling our heads with fantasies and unreal worlds to escape the current one we’re in.  I am also guilty of this.

Sometimes I wish I was more knowledgeable, as in I could hold more facts in my head.  I know I could if I wanted to but I guess I always wanted to be one of those people that could ramble off random facts about shit.  But, then again, I guess to that person, it’s not really random, is it?  Anyway, my point of all this is that I wish I knew what the hell he was talking about.  This older gentleman was mentioning how he was a manager for a famous actor, Andrew/Andy…uhhh some guy whose name starts with an “A” and all I could do was nod my head and smile.  I wish I could have contributed.  Instead, I could tell him about was UCLA and baking.  Haha.

We had a lengthy discussion about what nationality I am.  What’s up with that anyway?  Everywhere I go, that’s one of the first questions people ask me.  I don’t look at random people and say okay okay, I HAVE to know what you are.  White/Caucasian?  Fantastic.  I know some white people, does that make you feel happy?  Not that this guy was rude in any way, shape, or form, I just got off on a tangent again :P  But I have had that.  Oh you’re Vietnamese?  I have a Viet friend!  Here’s her picture!  Oh…great.  Uhh, thanks.  What the hell am I supposed to say to something like that?  Haha.

Anyway, back to this guy.  I liked the fact that he’s more scholarly and went into film making because it’s his passion.  Made his less fake, less Hollywood in a way.  And I like that.  He was very humble.  Really cool that he’s been featured in many of the well known film festivals.

Overall, it was and still is a good flight.  Catching up on those ZzZzs was nice and so was chatting/making new friends.  Also, I probably woke some people up because I was cracking up to 21 Jump Street.  Gah, Channing Tatum.  What a cutie.  But he really only does it for me when he’s a littler shyer.  So when he and Jonah Hill had that bromance and he really showed he cares about Jonah, that was super cute.  Haha.

Right now, I’m just excited to be seeing my love, Emiliza, soon I hope.  And to be on our way to Diane’s place.  This is going to be an awesome 3 weeks :)

P.S.  His name is Bahman Maghsoudlou :)  Emiliza pointed out to me he has a Wiki page.  Whoa.  That’s pretty awesome.

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