Naughty Girl Holiday Cupcake Cards Giveaway

Apparently, someone has been a naughty, naughty girl.  No, it’s not me. Jerks.

This is the exact transcription of a conversation I had with my mom a few days ago…

Mama Bear:  I can’t believe Christmas is in 2 weeks!
Me:  You’re getting coal for Christmas.
Mama Bear:  Yeah, it’s supposed to be really foggy.
Me:  …I said you’re getting COAL for Christmas.
Mama Bear:  Yes, foggy.  Wait, what does that mean?

At least this wasn’t as bad as the mishap that happened with my aunt when she wished blue balls on me.  Yeah, my family is weird. But I love weird so it all works out :)

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last post!!  Y’all have helped me figure out some very exciting things!!  As you can see, this is my very FIRST Saturday post in a long time!! :)   You can definitely expect more in the future.  I hope to post at least every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from here on out :)

Just so you know, I AM keeping tabs on who’s commenting…  Sounds creepy right?  But seriously.  Y’all have motivated me to have another giveaway!!  Pssssst, by the way, those that commented last time will get an additional entry ;)

I have some cupcake-inspired holiday cards a dear friend (Kristy from stamp. craft. pin)  made for me to give away.  Get this, I was so inspired, I MADE some coveted Vyvacious holiday cards to give away as well :)

Vyvacious || Holiday Cupcake Card

Well shit, you better start commenting then!! ;)

This giveaway will bestow upon 3 lucky people an exclusive Vyvacious holiday card where I’ll woo you with my loving words AND a holiday cupcake card made by my friend for you to bestow upon someone else!!

Giveaway Rules:

This holiday cupcake card giveaway ends on Tuesday, December 18th @ 12:30pm PST. It is open to US and Canada residents only, sorry everyone else!!

How to enter the giveaway:

  1. Please state in a comment below that you wish to enter the contest in order to qualify.
  2.  Any awesome* comments on any of my posts from here on out until Tuesday, December 18th @ 12:30pm PST will count as an entry.  This includes your comment below to enter the contest.  Maximum 10 additional comment entries.
  3. Like my Facebook page for another entry. Leave a comment if you just did or already have.
  4. Follow me on Twitter for another entry. Leave a comment if you just did or already have.
  5. Share this post from my Facebook page onto your own timeless and tag the Vyvacious Eats page for another entry.

*By awesome, I mean a comment that relates to the subject at hand or telling me I’m awesome or something along those lines.  DUH.  If you comment me the alphabet, that will not qualify as additional entries and I’ll think you’re an idiot.

I will announce the winner on Tuesday, December 18th after the giveaway is closed.  Then we can get back to all the delicious recipes ;)

Vyvacious || Holiday Cupcake Card

Until next time, y’all!! ;)

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36 Responses to “Naughty Girl Holiday Cupcake Cards Giveaway”
  1. Oh Vyvy! Your cards are fantastic!! Just commenting that you did a great job – no need to enter me in your give-away!! Merry Christmas!!


  2. says:

    Vyvy … I just have to say some one stole my Chocolate Oreo Truffles from my fridge and I have yet to figure out who did it. I promise to bash them with the Candle Stick/in the observatory. I think it was Ms. Scarlet.

    Signed – Prof. Plum…

    But seriously, Merry Christmas … you can send me some COAL … since I’ve been a naughty girl. :-)

    The cards are awesome. Sure … enter me in the contest. I’ll pimp you out on Facebook.


    • vyvacious says:

      Are you serious…?! Someone stole the Oreo Truffles I set aside just for you?!! Grr.

      Thank you, you too! Haha, you sure someone isn’t going to steal the coal from your stocking?

      Thanks again!! Be my pimp! Or pimp me out! Same thing? Haha :P


  3. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Hi Vyv,
    Liked your Facebook page and as you probably know, already follow you on Twitter. Love the cards! Enter me in the contest. And I have to admit, I’m a little pouty – I was looking forward to chocolate cupcakes with gingerbread frosting. But I suspect it will be worth the wait – you naughty girl!


  4. Katherine Turner says:

    Hey, I’d like to enter! Those really are adorable cards. In case you don’t know, I’m Irving Kuroishi’s youngest daughter. He got me reading your “foodie blogs” ^_^ Maybe that give me a shoe in? huh, huh?


    • vyvacious says:

      Yee-haw! Thank you! :D Aha! We finally meet through my blog, yay! Thank you so much for reading it! Makes me so happy :) He always tells me whenever you talk to him about my blog and it cracks me up!

      Hmm…maybe, Katie, maybe :P You know what would really help to get you more entries though? Commenting on more posts in my blog!! I noticed you’re taking advantage of the social media additional entries too, good for you :)


  5. Those cards are so cute! I had no idea you did stuff like that. You crafty little minx! I’m heading over to read the blue balls story right now because, um, how can you not?


  6. Ira says:

    I want to enter the contest!


  7. Ira says:

    You are so amazing Vyvy with your cooking skills, your wit, and now with your art. Those cards look awsome!!


    • vyvacious says:

      Bahaha! I was joking about writing nice stuff about me, Ira. I don’t think it’ll give you a leg up in the contest but it was certainly nice to read :) Thank you regardless! Much appreciated :)


  8. alexw says:

    Oh I want to enter! and I just liked your facebook page =)


  9. Damn, I always plan on commenting the alaphabet, what am I supposed to write about after I talk about your awesomeness? Puppies? Picnics? Polaroids? Why I’m stuck on a “p” kick and I don’t know why??


  10. (Uh) I was like, good gracious, cards are bodacious
    Oh, vyvacious, showing so much patience
    She’s always finding the right time to cook reci-pes (oh)
    Waiting for the right time to add that cheese
    Theb um I’m leavin’, please believe it
    This rap be so bad commenters eyes be bleedin’
    Should be working at the Arboretum checkin’ out the tree seasons
    Lakeside, rooftop, birds we be feedin’
    No deceivin’, walking around with no sleeves and rappin’ for no reason
    And Vyvy likes to get up on that dance floor
    Give her legs what they’ve been askin’ for (oh)
    Cuz I feel like drinking tea or juice, and I swear I just saw a moose (uh uh)
    After this I’m gonna stop for juice, and I think I stepped in that moose’s deuce.


    • vyvacious says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I think I’m in love! <3 Who wrote this?!?!?! Reveal yourself!!! :D Seriously, mad freaking props for this AMAZING rap which I shall be blogging about soon… :P


  11. Larry Kounlavong says:

    Contest….. =) if I’m two face…doesn’t that count as a douvle entry???


  12. TJLubrano says:

    Ahh too bad I can’t join, but!! Luckily I saw your tweet as I didn’t even realize you had a FB page! Of course I liked you ^_^ The prices are awesome!! You can’t go wrong with kawaii cupcakes! Good luck to the participants!



  13. Jim says:

    Vyvy I love the cupcake cards! They are awesome just like batman!!!


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