Vegas, babyyy!! {2}

Is it Friday yet?  It sure feels like it should be.

Yesterday, we talked about Vegas, Part 1.  It was back-to-back alcohol-seeped fun.  But don’t worry, my friends are a tough group, see?

We’ll mess you up, mang!  Apparently with a smile on our faces :P  Except for Amanda…it looks like she means business so I’d stay away if I were you… ;)

I was debating what I wanted this post to focus on more, do I want it to be more food-based or another party-hardy type deal?  Those that are reading my blog for the first time must be thinking “Oh my, well this girl certainly likes to have a good time, I wonder if there’s much else to her.

Let me set something straight people, I love me some food.  Screw the alcohol, you can keep it.  I enjoy drinking every now and then with my friends, but let’s be honest, food is what truly makes me happy.  Second in line would be dancing anywhere and everywhere of course.  How does alcohol play into all of this?  Well it is Vegas, my friends.  But believe me, I am not a sloppy drunk that is stumbling around showing off her cooch after 2 drinks, it takes at least 15.  Kidding.  I know my limits, but I also know that Fat Tuesday is freaking delicious.

I have a friend whose company brings around a bar cart and hands out whatever drink concoction you’d like WHILE YOU’RE WORKING!!  Granted it’s after hours and a nice little hooray for working late but still!  That’s freaking awesome!  If they had a food cart that went around my work, I think they’d stop almost immediately once they realized how much money they were losing from solely me :P

So since I have no bar cart at my work, we  sipped deliciously swirled daiquiris in Vegas to compensate.  Julio and I shared a Yard Dog because hot damn look at the size of that baby!!

Unfortunately, I found out after the fact that the drink I came up with is actually called Superman because it’s a Strawberry and Eye Candy (Blue Raspberry) Daiquiri swirled together.  Batman, help me, I did not mean to betray you, I swear.  Luckily, I found this out waaay after my trip so I was able to enjoy my Fat Tuesday’s without any guilt :)

Fat Tuesday really is amazing.  So we went again.

Strawberry-Mango Daiquiri, anyone? ;)

And since I know you poor things are dying from food picture withdrawals (I know I am), here’s my main entrée from Mon Ami Gabi which is in the Paris hotel.

My seafood crepe was amazing.  At first, I was unimpressed to be honest.  Such a snobby little betch sometimes, aren’t I?  Well, luckily this crepe punched me in the face and showed me who’s BOSS.  It was delicious and very, very filling.  I wasn’t expecting that in the least.  But let me tell you, I was dying two-thirds of the way in and had to tap out once I finished all the seafood itself.  It may or may not have been the half order of AMAZING mussels I devoured right before receiving my seafood crepe but hey, no one’s really keeping tabs here, right?

Before I leave you once again, let me bestow upon you some words of wisdom I learned in Vegas.


Until next time, y’all!! :P

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7 Responses to “Vegas, babyyy!! {2}”
  1. gonz says:

    I disagree. Hangovers are for quitter! Viva imbibe!


  2. Bar carts at work. Pshhaw! You just need a stainless steel flask so you can drink like a professional alcoholic. FYI, don’t tell anyone you funneled a strawberry daiquiri into your flask or you’ll lose all credibility.


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